Duo Scordatura changes to Scordatura Music Society

Hello Everyone,

I had a wonderful season and enjoyed everyone who came to the concerts. We are looking forward to an exciting 7th season under our new name, Scordatura Music Society. There were many reasons we decided to make this change over, the biggest reason: Large ensembles and more guest artist. We have made Duo Scordatura the ensemble-in-residence. And Duo Scordatura have many small concerts, outreach programs, and the possible residence at a local university (School unveiled very soon) planned for next year, so you wont miss that D/S energy at all. HA!
As mentioned in our last newsletter page of the concert program, Faith will be leaving the duo to study at Boston Conservatory. Congrats again Faith!! and We are excited to announce the new Duo member, Lynsey Anderson ( viola). Welcome to D/S, Lynsey!
Also we are currently designing a new website, yet we will continue to keep this blog to fill you in on all the updates. I will all post the 2011-2012 season in a week, so stay tuned D/S fans.

All the best,


About Scordatura Music Society

Duo Scordatura is particularly interested in performing rare and innovative music, but realizes that this repertoire can often be difficult to understand. To help patrons better understand and enjoy the music they are hearing, the duo not only performs but also educates the audience about the unusual pieces on each program. Among the ways they accomplish this are pre-concert lectures, interactive talkbacks, and short introductory speeches specific to each piece. Aside from the concert series, Duo Scordatura is involved in many other projects at wildly differing venues. These include performances at art gallerys, informal club settings, and educational programs across the city. Not content to remain Houston-bound, the duo is also currently planning events in cities across the United States.

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