Duo Scordatura joins forces with Apollo Chamber Players

Duo Scordatura will join forces in a collaboration with Apollo Chamber Players on Sunday. This “concert”ed effort program is titled, “A Musical Tasting.”  This idea was created to show the audience a tasting of both Duo Scordatura and Apollo Chamber players. The program includes a sampler of music from different works within the two ensembles repertoire. The highlight of the program is the 1st movement of the Brahm’s string quintet in F major.

This concert is the opening of the Klein Trinity Lutheran Church’s concert series. Concert begins at 4pm and is Free to the public!!


About Scordatura Music Society

Duo Scordatura is particularly interested in performing rare and innovative music, but realizes that this repertoire can often be difficult to understand. To help patrons better understand and enjoy the music they are hearing, the duo not only performs but also educates the audience about the unusual pieces on each program. Among the ways they accomplish this are pre-concert lectures, interactive talkbacks, and short introductory speeches specific to each piece. Aside from the concert series, Duo Scordatura is involved in many other projects at wildly differing venues. These include performances at art gallerys, informal club settings, and educational programs across the city. Not content to remain Houston-bound, the duo is also currently planning events in cities across the United States.

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